Hi all. Well the only silver lining from yesterday was that we hit our 2 NHL plays. A garbage buzzer beating 3 costed us our 3U Houston -7.5 play which would've softened the blow. If you tailed my 2H plays, those finished 3-1 last night. I am considering making those members only however I know not everyone is at their computer for most of the night. Let me know your thoughts.

I want to let you know that I am 100% committed to my product and members. Enduring these types of stretches is not fun for anyone but I have no doubt that things will turn around. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss your issues. I have always prided myself in my professionalism and producing the highest quality product. Unfortunately we've had both bad breaks and been on wrong sides of plays this month. We have 5 days to finish the month strong. Good luck all!

TLM Service Plays - 2/23/17
2U SAC +7
2U LAC/GSW U229.5

1U NYR/TOR U6 [-125}
1U NYI ML +143



Hi all, OT losses by the Preds and Jets would've made yesterday a breakeven day on the ice, yet we didn't get the breaks we needed and finished -3-32U in the NHL. Fortunately, NCAAB has been 4-3 +3.6U on the week. I would understand if you want to monitor NHL service plays for now but I have full confidence we will bounce back. NCAAB coming soon. Good luck!

NHL Service Plays - 2/22/17

1U ANA ML +105
0.5U BOS/ANA O5 -115

Trying something new in the NHL today after reworking a few heat map formulas and performing some backtesting. We'll see how this goes moving forward. NCAAB coming soon. Good luck!

2U TB ML -147
1U NAS ML -149
0.5U WPG ML +135

2U WPG/TOR U6 [-115]
1U MTL/NYR O5.5 [+125]
0.5U EDM/TB O5.5 [-105]
0.5U LAK/COL U5 [-115]

The breaks will fall our way soon, IUPUI/Denver should've sailed under but then a foul fest happened and then we lost by the hook on a garbage time 3 and Michigan (though lucky to get to OT), couldn't finish of Minnesota. Note - for NCAAB unders, some members have played half on the 1H under and half on the FG under. If you would've done that with IUPUI/Denver, you would've juiced out. Just something to take note of. This week will be the week we gain momentum heading into March. Good luck!

TLM Service Plays - 2/20/17

2U Miami/Virginia U117.5
1U Iowa St/Texas Tech U142.5
1U ANA/ARI O5 [-140]

UCF couldn't come through for us to give us a profitable day in college hoops and NHL is still ice cold (no pun intended). Will be looking to make some adjustments to the NHL %s this week.

I'll send the NHL maps and plays by 2PM EST, which will not include the WAS/NYR game. Good luck!

878 3U IUPUI/Denver U154
880 2U Rider/Iona U157
861 2U Michigan +1
859 1U Loyola Chicago +7.5
867 1U UConn +2