I wish I hadn't checked the %s of that Royals/Twins game 2 but I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't provide the information I had. With or without that play, we still had a profitable week and are +18.55U on the MLB season YTD!

Thank you again for your trust in the TLM service and let me know if you have any questions!

MLB Service Plays - 5/22/17

2U PHI ML -113

MLB Heat Map Totals YTD

>58% confidence | 26-16-5 | +7.5U
Top % Total | 26-20-5 | +3.00U
Top % Over | 29-19-2 | +7.8U
Top % Under | 23-23-4 | -3.3U
Top 3 | 75-65-9 | +1.2U

MLB Heat Map Sides YTD

>58% confidence | 43-30 | +8.54U
Top % Side | 25-23 | -1.96U
Top 3 | 86-62 | +12.08U

Hi all, just generated the %s for Royals/Twins Game 2 and I'll be on the under 8.5 for 2U. This won't be a service play as it's a mid-day release but just wanted to let you know what came up. Good luck!

Another great day on the bases! We finished 3-1 on the day with our other 3U play losing by only one run. Still a profitable day and week thus far! Sending NBA/NHL early. MLB should be sent around 1130-12 tomorrow.

Good luck!



We had two 9th inning melts last night, one in our favor and one against us. The Royals blew the save in the B9 and the Twins walked it off for our big 3U winner however the Dodgers gave up 2 runs in the T9 to blow our 1U play. With that said, we still finished 2-2 for profit as we hit a 3U and 2U play.

I am hoping for a huge under day as we have five totals that meet the service play criteria with 2-3U plays. Let's have a great day!

MLB Service Plays - 5/20/17

3U SF/STL U7.5 -110
3U PHI/PIT U8.5 -130
2U KAN/MIN U9 -125 PPD
2U CLE/HOU U9 -120
2U MIN ML -109 PPD
1U WAS/ATL U9 -125

Those who played the -1 pushed last night with the Mariners and those who drank the juice got the W.

Tonight, we have one of our larger cards of the season thus far. Let's make it a profitable one! Good luck!

MLB Service Plays - 5/19/17

3U MIN ML -101
2U NYY/TB U8 -125
2U CLE/HOU U8.5 -115
1U MIA/LAD U8 -120