What a heater we’re on! After last night’s 2-0 night cashing both the Dodgers/Cubs Under 9.5 and Cubs ML, we are now 7-1-1 (+9.7U) in the MLB Postseason and 23-7-2 (+24U) across all sports in October!!

$10 bettors are up $240, $25 bettors are up $600, $50 bettors are up $1,200, and $100 bettors are up $2,400!

On top of that, even though we didn't have any NBA service plays, good to see our top 3 highest confidence % plays cash!

Congrats to all members and let's continue our run!

Today, we do not have any official service plays as no play is over 58% confidence (our criteria). Best of luck however you decide to use today's heat maps!





What a way to cash +2U on the Yankees last night after that HUGE comeback win!! We are now 21-7-2 (75%) for +21U in the month of October!!

Looking to stay hot today. With the month we've had, still have to stay humbled as this industry is a grind. To all new and current members, thank you for your continued trust in the TLM service. If you ever have any questions, feel free to let me know.

As a reminder, I will be reducing our risk in the NBA for the first few weeks as we start to feel out the beginning of the season. We will reevaluate our results after two weeks and make a call from there. With that said, none of today's games warranted even a standard service play as the criteria for a service play is at least 58% confidence on the heat maps. Heat maps can also be used for teasers as I've been successful in the past teasing the top plays.

To new members, most questions can be answered in our FAQs. Long-term profitability is our goal. Good luck!

TLM Service Plays - 10/18/17

2U LAD/CHC U9.5 -110
1U CHC ML -113




Well we didn't have any official service plays last night but I told you all I was on Yankees and Colts +7.5 for some small action. Yet another MNF bad beat prevented 2-0 on those plays, guess who else was on the under a couple of weeks ago in KC? Lol.

Today is the start of the NBA season! I believe an approach I am going to test out at the beginning of each new season is to start out with smaller units on service plays as opposed to our normal 1-5U scale. The heat maps become more valuable as YTD data is accumulated therefore for the first couple of weeks, I am going to reduce our risk as we begin the season and reevaluate where we're at after two weeks. I'm also hoping that our NBA totals get back on track after last year. Long time members know that the heat maps favor unders. We'll see what the trend is this season.

Best of luck!

TLM Service Plays - 10/17

2U NYY ML -125



What. A. Week! 14-2-1 for +23.5U after yesterday's 4-0 SWEEP in the NFL! I've promised detailed results for weeks now and will send once today's NFL game is over. In the meantime, some quick YTD #s. MLB +11.07U, NFL +9.00U, NCAAF -5.61U.

We gained a lot of momentum this past weekend and won't stop there. Long term profitability is always the goal. Thank you for your continued trust in my service and as always, let me know if you have any questions!

No official service plays tonight but we have high confidence in the Yankees and Colts +7.5. Will probably play each for 0.5U for some action. Good luck!



What a day we had in college football yesterday!! 9-2 for +9.5U! The goal is to continue this trend as we accumulate more data YTD. Those of you who have been with me from the beginning know we always finish strong. Let's have a good day in the NFL to cap off a great week!! Good luck!

NFL Service Plays - 10/15/17

4U SF +12 -130*
3U MIA +14.5 -130*
1U CHI +5
1U NYG +13.5

* When I sent these out, I thought the Niners and Dolphins were -110 but each are -130 on 5D so I have reflected it accordingly. Normally I wouldn't lay that much juice on a spread but since I've already sent it out, I will track them as -130 for record keeping purposes. Let's hope it doesn't matter!

Let's get these dogs!!

All NCAAF Service Plays

3U WKU -17
2U UNLV +7.5
1U Iowa St -22.5

3U EMU/Army O47.5
1U Wyoming/Utah St O51.5
1U GT/Miami U51.5

2U Wash -17 -120
2U So.Miss -23
1U Georgia St +7

Good luck!