Hello everyone!

For the past month, I have received a lot of inquiries requesting for #TLMHeatMap NCAAF & NFL promos for the upcoming respective seasons. I genuinely believe that the #TLMHeatMap membership rates are very fair and competitive compared to other services. With that said, I have always been open to feedback and have always wanted to offer the heat maps at a price point that's affordable to all.

To celebrate the start of football season, for a limited time, I will be offering membership access to ALL heat maps (MLB, NCAAF, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAAB) through February 7, 2016 for only $300! That's 20% off the regular membership rate of $75/month!

I'm also offering a FREE one-week trial to all new members who are new to the #TLMHeatMaps! If you enjoy your free trial, your membership will automatically renew at the low monthly rate of only $75/mo. You may cancel at anytime via PayPal.

If you are a new follower and would like to learn more about the #TLMHeatMap service, please visit our FAQs page.

Any additional questions, please complete the form below. Here's to a profitable football season and beyond!

Q - How do I purchase a membership?
A - Membership options can be found here. The $75/monthly recurring special provides the greatest value. You may cancel the recurring payments at anytime via PayPal or by contacting support@thelinemovement.com

Q - What is included in the #TLMHeatMap membership?
A -When you sign up for one of the membership options, you are signing up for access to all of the heat maps generated on a given day. Currently, heat maps are generated for NHL, NBA, and MLB. The heat maps were initially created during last year's MLB season and the success of the top % totals were its "claim to fame." This service does not provide "official" picks therefore if you're looking for a service who will provide picks to blindly tail, unfortunately this may not be the service for you.

What the service does provide is a handicapping tool to assist you in choosing your own plays. I frequently provide members with hot trends and betting strategies which have proven to be profitable to myself and #TLMHeatMap members.

My goal for the #TLMHeatMap service is to provide all of my members with a tool to help them determine their plays. By no means is it an be-all, end-all solution but with that said, I monitor the data that is used to generate the heat maps daily and am always looking at ways on improving the system. When those changes are made, I will let you know in advance to ensure that it does not conflict with your current process of determining plays.

Q - What is an example of a #TLMHeatMap?
A - Below is an example of an MLB Totals Heat Map. The heat maps have been designed to be intuitive and easy to read. In theory, the higher the confidence %, the stronger the play therefore in the example below, Cincinnati Reds/Chicago Cubs O7.5 would be the strongest play of the day.

 MLB Totals 041515

Q - How are the heat map confidence %s determined?
A - The heat map confidence %s are derived from a number of metrics including, but not limited to, YTD stats and trends, line movements, betting %, and weather/home plate umpire stats for MLB totals.

Q - When are the heat maps generated and delivered?
A - The heat maps are usually generated and delivered no later than an hour before the start of the first game of the respective sport. So for example, if there is a noon MLB game, the heat maps will be sent by no later than 11:00AM.

Q - How will I receive the heat maps?
A - Once you complete your transaction and create an account, you will begin receiving email notifications when new heat maps are generated. You may also log into the website and view the heat maps in the Members Area.

Q - What plays do you usually play based on the heat maps?
A - This is a difficult question to answer as it varies on any given night however, you can always assume that I'm on the top MLB ML (in some form if it's highly juiced), top over, and top under. The reason I play and track the top MLB over and top under regardless of confidence % is based on results from last season and early into the 2015 MLB season. I usually pick and choose my spots elsewhere. I will never play anything less than 50% on the heat map.

Q - What happens if the top MLB ML play coincides with a top over/under total?
A - I generally don't like to double-dip (playing the ML and total in the same game) so in these situations, I usually rely on the heat map %s and play the higher % for 1 unit (1% of my bankroll) and the lower % for 0.5 units.

Q - If the top % confidence MLB ML play is highly juiced, what do you recommend?
A - When the top % confidence MLB ML play is highly juiced (e.g. -150 or higher), I generally do not recommend playing the ML straight up. There are other options you can choose from, for example, playing the run line (-1.5) which means the team has to win by 2 or more runs, playing -1 which some books offer (again, must win by 2 or more runs but can push if the team only wins by 1 run), adding the ML to a 2-team parlay with another play you feel confident in, playing the 1st 5 line (-0.5) which is usually less juiced but in the case of a tie after 5 innings, said play will lose, etc. As you can see, there are various options and strategies you can use in lieu of playing the ML straight up.

Q - How do I practice proper bankroll management?
A - In a conservative betting system, 1 unit = 1% of your bankroll and the rule of thumb is to risk no more than 1 unit per play. Typically, I will flat-bet all of my bets (1u per play). Proper bankroll management is the key to long-term success in this industry.

If you have any further questions, please use the form below to submit your question.

Hello all!

Great night for the #NFL heat map's Best Bets as they finished 2-0! System #1 fared better than System #2 with the added weight on public %s and line movements however it's nice to see that both systems produced 2 best bet winners. Let's see what today has in store!

8/29 #TLMHeatMap Best Bets

Giants -1.5
Broncos -5
Ravens -4

Browns/Bucs U41
Steelers/Bills U42.5

System #1

NFLx Sides 829 - 1

NFLx Totals 829 - 1

System #2

NFLx Sides 829 - 2

NFLx Totals 829 - 2

8/28 Results

System #1

NFLx Sides 828 - 1 Results

NFLx Totals 828 - 1 Results

System #2

NFLx Sides 828 - 2 Results

NFLx Totals 828 - 2 Results

As mentioned earlier in the week, I'm continuing to work on the NFL heat maps in preparation for Week 1 which starts on September 10th. I made some adjustments in both systems after last week's results and have added weight to public %s and line movements in System #2. These changes resulted in the Panthers and the Pats/Panthers over slight favored in System #2. Based on both systems, our best bets for tonight are as follows:

Kansas City -7
Detroit/Jacksonville U39.5

System #1

NFLx Sides 828 - 1

NFLx Totals 828 - 1

System #2

NFLx Sides 828 - 2

NFLx Totals 828 - 2