Trying something new in the NHL today after reworking a few heat map formulas and performing some backtesting. We'll see how this goes moving forward. NCAAB coming soon. Good luck!

2U TB ML -147
1U NAS ML -149
0.5U WPG ML +135

2U WPG/TOR U6 [-115]
1U MTL/NYR O5.5 [+125]
0.5U EDM/TB O5.5 [-105]
0.5U LAK/COL U5 [-115]

The breaks will fall our way soon, IUPUI/Denver should've sailed under but then a foul fest happened and then we lost by the hook on a garbage time 3 and Michigan (though lucky to get to OT), couldn't finish of Minnesota. Note - for NCAAB unders, some members have played half on the 1H under and half on the FG under. If you would've done that with IUPUI/Denver, you would've juiced out. Just something to take note of. This week will be the week we gain momentum heading into March. Good luck!

TLM Service Plays - 2/20/17

2U Miami/Virginia U117.5
1U Iowa St/Texas Tech U142.5
1U ANA/ARI O5 [-140]

UCF couldn't come through for us to give us a profitable day in college hoops and NHL is still ice cold (no pun intended). Will be looking to make some adjustments to the NHL %s this week.

I'll send the NHL maps and plays by 2PM EST, which will not include the WAS/NYR game. Good luck!

878 3U IUPUI/Denver U154
880 2U Rider/Iona U157
861 2U Michigan +1
859 1U Loyola Chicago +7.5
867 1U UConn +2

NHL Service Plays - 2/8/17

2U CGY ML -128
1U WAS Reg -0.5 [-115]

YTD | 75-84-11 (47%) | -15.87U*

*Have to show the good along with the bad, can't seem to get on the right side on the ice this year. Looking into potential tweaks, will see what our results are for the next week before I make any changes.

Nice 2-1 card last night as we hit our 4U and 2U plays for a +4.9U night! For once, we don't have a huge Sat card in college hoops! Let's have a great day! NHL coming soon. Good luck!

NCAAB Service Plays - 2/18/17

577 3U UCF -4.5
511 2U Kentucky/Georgia O151
612 2U SMU/Houston U128.5
565 1U Pacific +29
629 1U FIU +13

YTD | 70-60 (54%) | +23.63U

Kings prevented a profitable night as we finished 4-5 for -0.84U across all services plays. Lost juice in CBB and hit our 2U NBA under which will hopefully give us some momentum heading into the 2H of the season! Small card tonight, preparing for another big day in college hoops tomorrow. Good luck!

TLM Service Plays - 2/17/17

862 4U Princeton/Yale U133.5
855 2U Columbia +8
877 1U Arkansas Little Rock +7