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Hi everyone, our website was impacted by today's DDoS attack therefore I am hoping this email goes out to you all. If not, I will post today's heat maps on Twitter today. What a crazy week it's been with the website however I'm hoping we will resume normality this weekend and moving forward! Good luck!


Members with Yahoo email addresses. I am still working to resolve the email relay server issue therefore please turn on my Twitter notifications to let you know when the heat maps are sent out and posted on the website. Thank you for your continued patience and best of luck today!



Hi all, I'm still monitoring NHL results for the most part and picking my spots. Results have been inconsistent to say the least but I have no doubt that as the heat maps obtain more data, we will start seeing consistent, profitable trends. Good luck!








Top % | 7-7-1
Top 3 | 12-11-3
Top 5 | 20-14-3
58%+ | 2-4
55-57% | 13-6-3

NFL YTD Totals

Top % | 8-7
Top 3 | 14-12
Top 5 | 19-17
Top % Over | 3-2
Top % Under | 8-7
58%+ | 1-3
55-57% | 8-8