I can't help but think we were on the right side of yesterday's play. Jays scored 6 runs with 2 outs in the top of the 1st and we still only lost the play by one run. Let's get it back today. Good luck!

MLB Service Play - 6/22/17

2U SF/ATL U9 -115

A tidy 2-0 day for +3U thanks to Nolan Arenado's clutch triple to retake the lead and get the eventual W makes for a profitable Tuesday! Slow and steady wins the race, let's see what today has in store. Good luck!

MLB Service Plays - 6/21/17

2U TOR/TEX U11 -115

Had a few bad breaks go against us yesterday on service plays as the Doyers gave up 5 runs late to push the -1 for those who didn't play the ML or RL and our 3U Sox/Stros U9 was looking good and then the 6th inning happened and it all fell apart. That puts us at 7-6-1 for -2.49U for last week, could've easily been a profitable week but I feel some momentum after the nice day we had Sat and we were a few plays away from a great day yesterday as well!

Good luck today!

MLB Service Plays - 6/19/17

2U TOR/TEX U10.5 -110
2U SD/CHC U8.5 -120
1U PIT ML -122

Not touching Dodgers at -293 even at 58% confidence.

MLB Heat Map Totals YTD

>58% confidence | 38-30-6 | +3.25U
Top % Total | 40-33-6 | +2U
Top % Over | 44-31-2 | +9.25U
Top % Under | 36-37-5 | -6.6U
Top 3 | 114-103 | -3.25U

MLB Heat Map Sides YTD

>58% confidence | 62-45 | +9.41U
Top % Side | 39-37 | -5.60U
Top 3 | 127-103 | +1.69U

Nice 3-0 day yesterday all! Let's have a great day today as we have three service plays on deck then we can hopefully celebrate a profitable weekend and bounceback like we always do! Good luck!

MLB Service Plays - 6/18/17

3U BOS/HOU U9 -105
2U CHC/PIT U9 -120
2U LAD -1 -142

Tough stretch we're in this week. as it seems like we're just simply on the wrong side of most plays, can't even attest it to bad beats. You know we always rebound and I'm looking for it to begin today! Let's finish the week strong!

MLB Service Plays - 6/17/17

2U ATL ML -114
1U BAL ML -111
1U COL -1 -140 (run-line calc)

Two duds yesterday and I can't believe I stayed up to watch the Yankees tie the game 4 times and actually take the lead after the 4th time to only blow the game in the bottom of the 10th because Starling Castro got greedy and went after a ball that he shouldn't have, causing two runs to score. Ugh! Let's get things back on track today and have a strong weekend! Good luck!

MLB Service Plays - 6/16/17

2U SEA/TEX U10 -115
1U ATL ML -112

The double dip didn't work out last night as we lost the 2U total but hit on the side. We are still + on the week and will look to add onto it today. Good luck!

MLB Service Plays - 6/15/17

2U LAD/CLE U9.5 -120